All Vintage

When people throw around the word "vintage", the ones that shop it love the word and the ones that are not familiar with it are in fear of it. There's a stigma around vintage clothing and shopping, with a wide population assuming that the clothes you buy are just some second-hand, dirty, and worn out pieces. But sometimes the vintage pieces are the most amazing, intricate, and beautiful pieces you find, or in this case, maybe even just a cheaper and cooler version of the hottest trends today. Having a purchase you can call your own and that wasn't mass produced for the hundreds is what makes one's outfit unique and special. Today's ensemble which consists of a turtle neck crop top that looks like it could have been bought from American Apparel and high-waisted shorts that I almost have an identical pair to in black from Zara, were both purchases that I made at a flea market. On top of that, throwing in a pair of sunglasses from my latest obsession, Ivory Mason, who's whole line is created on the basis of reviving vintage frames, combine together to complete my whole throwback ensemble. So the next time someone uses the word vintage, remember it's not all old and re-used; in fact, sometimes it takes the vintage to bring in breath of fresh air and a super cute new look.

Top: Fairfax Flea Market (similar here) // Shorts: Fairfax Flea Market (similar here) // Shoes: H&M // Sunglasses: Ivory Mason // Jewelry: StyleQueen (silver ring, gold here), Viento (gold ring), Rosena Sammi (silver mesh bracelet), BCBG Generation (neon yellow bracelet), BCBG Generation (finger cuff ring)