A Very Merry Lainey Christmas with Stella Artois


Over the weekend I hosted a little soiree with some of my besties to get us into the holiday spirit with Stella Artois. If you remember my fun boating adventures I did with them over the Summer here, you knew I had to do something just as epically cute for the holidays!

I love the holidays so much because it gives me a reason to throw on a cute themed outfit (any reason to dress up right?!), eat yummy food, and obvi, have delicious drinks like this Stella Artois Cidre which is kinda actually my new obsession because I have always loved Apple Cider so much to begin with.

So when I was brainstorming what I wanted to do as my holiday spectacular, there were a few things that came to mind. And thus, it became a day of adventures with spreading the Fashionlaine holiday cheer all throughout town!

First off, dress code. Naturally "ugly" holiday sweater themed was what came to mind for this because isn't that like the mandatory holiday party dress code? Getting excited to put it into use, while this was supposed to be an "ugly" sweater theme, I think I got to wear the CUTEST sweater from Tipsy Elves that had Santa on a Unicorn. Like, could I have dreamt of anything more perfect?! (And since so many people asked, my sister's Gelt Digger sweater is also Tipsy Elves here!)

For the day's festivities,  the first stop started at one of my favorite childhood places-- Color Me Mine. If you're unfamiliar with this place (which I like to consider as one of the happiest places on earth... or in Los Angeles), it allows you to become your own artist and paint away on an array of amazingly fun ceramic shapes they have in store. So I took this day for me and my besties to create the perfect little ceramic ornaments to hang on our Christmas Trees (or Hanukkah Bushes). Of course, there were plenty of Stella Artois drinks in tow along with the CUTEST holiday themed donuts from my fave, California Donuts , for us to munch on while we painted. How amazing are those gingerbread shaped donuts?!

Yet of course, after a long morning of painting, I knew that my besties and I would be hungry, so we continued to spread our holiday cheer by visiting my most favorite colorful rooftop hotel and restaurant, Mama Shelter, for brunch. They have a new brunch menu that was to die for (I seriously could have and probably did eat everything on it). Everything was so good, but obvi the avocado toast was one of my faves.

This was such a perfect way to kick off my December and the holidays, and now I'm fully ready to head into the rest of this month's festivities with a bang (except I don't think it can be nearly as cute, or delicious, as this past weekend was).