A Touch of Culture

What I love about fashion is that there are seriously a ridiculous amount of alterations, takes, and styles one can do to express themselves and the way they want to look. And today's fashion extraordinaire is no exception. With a super cool and fun tee from the National Space Museum and the perfect orange shorts for the summer, Edson's subtle yet amazingly obvious great fashion sense and ways is easily seen from miles away. With a background of being part Guatemalan, Edson loves incorporating unique pieces from different cultures into his looks such as this bag from Guatemala that he's sporting today-- adding that extra touch of special character into his overall looks. A lover of vintage finds and a huge Katy Perry fan for her eclectic styles and tastes, you can easily see how Edson is able to incorporate all of those inspirations into one to create his own fashion statements and feels. A signature of  his being one to tuck in his tees, as many would say "if the shoe fits wear it", Edson's simple motto in life is "if the shirt looks good tucked in, then buy it." And that's why Edson is today's obvious pick as my inspiration of the day.

Shirt: National Space Museum // Pants: Ross // Shoes: Converse // Bag: Guatemala // Bracelet: Africa // Belt: Ross