A Brooklyn Affair

I can't believe my trip to New York was two weeks ago already! It's crazy how time just flies. Usually when I go to NY, I'm always running around and doing a bunch of work, never having time to enjoy the amazing city I'm infatuated with. So this last time when I went, I took a few days for myself to hang out with friends and roam around like how true New Yorkers do. Venturing the city with a few of the best people I could ask for, we visited Brooklyn's beloved Smorgasbord flea market on that Saturday, fighting against the humidty and boiling sun, just to get a taste of the amazing food stands and stand in awe of the gorgeous view of the city. Exploring the unknown territories of Brooklyn and spotting too many fashionable people everywhere I turned, I channeled my inner Dan Humphrey and felt right at home.

Overalls: Top Shop // Crop Top: Wet Seal // Sandals: Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses: Fairfax Flea Market