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A word after a word after a word is power – Margaret Atwood.

W • O • R • D • S.
Words have a way of affecting who we are, what we think, and what we believe. I just heard a speech the other day on the concept of the Power of “I Am”-- a topic and mentality I've been actually personally practicing and preaching the past few months.

When you get up in the morning, it's easy to start off your day looking in the mirror and seeing all your flaws, saying negative things, & putting yourself down. "I am so ugly", "I am so stupid", "I am nothing special". What we don’t realize though is that when we do this type of negative speaking, we're voluntarily inviting those "I Am" beliefs into our lives.

We don't even know it, but our words have great power-- what we speak into existence is what will come looking for us. Words, both used on ourselves and shared with others, can be compared to electricity-- capable of either lighting up a room with brightness or being used to hurt with darkness.

Yet, the beautiful thing about words is that WE get to choose the ones we use and the “I Am”s we want to be associated with. If you continually say to yourself “I am blessed”, then watch blessings head your way. Yet, if you continually say to yourself “I am so unlucky”, then you’re willingly inviting disappointments to follow.

We've all had things in our lives that have pushed us down, made us feel like we don't measure up, & have helped us easily accept those negative “I Am”s we so constantly use on ourselves. Yet, no matter what obstacles you’re facing, if you want to invite the right things into your life, you need to start SPEAKING the right way. In order to change how you want your future to be on the outside, you have to first change the mentality you have about yourself on the inside.

So for this Monday #inspilaine, start off your week not focusing on what you currently are, but what you WILL BE. Once you believe in the things you want to see within yourself, everyone else will see it too and the world will bring you all the blessings you've been looking for.

So.... WHO ARE YOU? 🤔💭💖